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  • Buy 4F-PV10 Online

    Buy 4F-PV10 Online It’s similar to A-PVP and MDPV
    Other name: 4-fluoro-?-Pyrrolidinopentioctan
    IUPAC name: 1-(4-fluorophenyl)-2-(pyrrolidin-1-yl)octan-1-one
    CAS number: 313871-27-7
    Formula: C18H26FNO
    Purity: 99,5% min
    Appearance: white powder/white crystals
    Buy 4F-PV10 Online Lesinurad is an oral uric acid transporter 1 (URAT1) inhibitor indicated for the treatment of hyperuricemia associated with gout. It reduces serum uric acid concentration through the inhibition of URAT1, an enzyme responsible for reuptake of uric acid from the renal tubule, and OAT4, another uric acid transporter associated with diuretic-induced hyperuricemia.

    Buy 4F-PV10 Online We are into manufacturing of bulk drug Intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API).Our core competence is contract manufacturing for our clients who are looking for manufacturers committed to quality and delivery with focus on cost reduction of products. We have recently developed many intermediates and APIs in-house to cater to existing and new customers.
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    The same helped us in building and maintaining a clientele comprising many prominent pharmaceutical companies including Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Limited, Orchid Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited, Cadila Healthcare Limited, Teva, and many other domestic and multinational customers.

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    MOPVP, Dimethylone, ZDCM-04, MDMP, Dimethylphenidate(DP),PV-11.

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    3cmc, 4ama, MMB-Chminaca. AZ037.5-MAPB, AH-7921. M11, 5F-ABC.

    R0-8. a-PVT. Methallylescaline. SDB-006.5F-SDB006. 4F-PV8.

    4-Meo-PV8. 4F-PV9. 4Meo-PV9. 4F-PBP. Butylone, pentylone.

    BK-2C-B .MDPV .MDMA.HEX-EN .4-CPRC.4F-PHP .4-FMA.4,4′-DMAR .

    2-FMA .MED / 5-methylethylone .MPHP .MMB-Chminaca, MMBC .MDPHP .

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    5fur-144 .AM2201 .mam2201 .5F-PCN .5F-MN-24 .5FPB- 22. jwh-122 .

    EAM-2201 .NM-2201 .jwh-210 .PB-22 .5F-PB22 .5F-PV8.5F-UR144 .

    AKB48 .5F-AKB48 .ADB-Fubinaca.AB-Fubi .naca .TH-PVP .Alpha-pvp .

    A-PBP .A-PHP .thj2201. 4-cprc. mmbc. mphp. mex. sdb005.

    nm2201. 2nmc. adbf. DIBU. th-pvp.and so on

    If you have any questions please feel free to contect me for more details.


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